Touch Me Gently

Touch Me Gently - J.R. Loveless Abuse is always a subject that has to be handled with care when writing about it. This was not one of those books. Kaden was emotionally unstable because of years of abuse in his past, but he overcame it quite easily when Logan is introduced.
The story was okay and could have been quite good if the writing wasn’t so poor.
There are some books I don’t like simply because of the story and I can still admire the writing. This is a books where the story was intriguing enough for me to finish the book but the writing had me cringing the entire time.
It felt like the author just summed up events as if writing a grocery list. She did not use a lot of words to describe a situation.

---Spoilers ahead---

Kaden and Logan meet, Logan who was never attracted to men before just completely embraces his inner gay, Kaden has to overcome his fear due to a history of abuse, Kaden has to trust Logan, they have sex (I would have thought the sex would be a problem for Kaden, but nope, no significant problems), then Kaden is attacked and hurt badly so he cannot walk for several months and meets a girl in the hospital who has cancer and dies. And of course everybody lives happily ever after.