Taking Chances

Taking Chances - John  Goode BR with Julie and Elsbeth

Beautiful book. Beautiful writing. Beautifully flawed characters.
This is a book about choices. What choices do you make in life?

Happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy. It is not up to other people to secure your happiness. People often say life is hard, but I say life is beautiful. Even the tough times are beautiful. They let you see the sadder side of life and they let you see how wonderful the good times are. There is no happiness without sadness.

But it also means that happiness takes practice. It’s not always easy and it is not something that is achieved artificially. If you practice positive thinking, it will eventually come naturally.
I think this is a wonderful thing because it means everyone can choose to be happy, at any time (for some it takes a little more practice).

I think this book captured that beautifully.


This is what is bothering Matt, he has been unhappy for years. He always thought it was because he was gay in the small town of Foster. But after he moved away, he still didn’t find what he was looking for.

I found it hard to read about how unhappy Matt was with himself for all these years.

I had been satisfied and I had been content, but actually being happy had alway seluded me. On that quiet walk, I faced the facts. I had been deferring actual happiness to some future point that was never going to come.
I’d be happy when I moved out of Foster. I’d be happy once I graduated college. I’d be happy when I had a career instead of a job. I’d be happy —when?

And Tyler, still living in Foster, but until recently just as closeted as ever. After coming out for Brad’s sake, he was hoping things would change. But change is something that needs to come from within. After hearing from his mother that Matt Wallace will be in Foster for Christmas, and that Matt is also gay, he decides to meet up with him and perhaps become friends.
But after their first encounter it is clear that there is great chemistry between them and that they are both in for something more than friendship.

I loved how Matt and Tyler found each other after all these years of longing.
They deserved some happiness, together.

“Because I’m tired of being alone,” I admitted. “I was hoping we could be alone together.”


I did have some issues with their big fight/breakup. I felt it was completely unnecessary, but I accepted the fact that these men never learned to talk about their true feelings and that they did as they had done their entire lives. But they made it so hard for themselves..
And I REALLY did not like Sophia, Matt’s BFF. Glad he came to his senses and saw the real her.

And I fell even more in love with Tyler at Kelly’s funeral. Beautiful beautiful words..

“There is nothing wrong with being gay,” I said, talking over the chaos.
“I’m gay, and I should have said that before. I am as much to blame as anyone else is. We are all to blame. We need to have a real conversation in this town about what being a man is and how it’s okay to be different.”

“I am Tyler Parker; and I am gay. I have always been gay and just too terrified to admit it. The entire time you have known me, I liked guys. I am the exact same person who was born and raised in this town and who you all cheered for when I went off to college.”

Matt and Tyler chose to be together and more important, they chose to be happy, happy with themselves and happy with each other.