Come What May (All Saints)

Come What May - A.M. Arthur 4.25 stars

Oooooh, I loved this one. And look at that beautiful cover..

Jonas is 21 year old spoiled frat boy who has been sent to his aunt and uncle by his father. Jonas was expelled from school for a year after a prank gone wrong. He now lives with his aunt and uncle and works in their thrift store.

It is there that he meets Tate. Tate is 23 and runs a LGBT teen homeless shelter across the street. Tate is impressed by the good looks of the kid behind the counter, and he likes Jonas’ snark. So even though Jonas screams ‘straight’, Tate tries to make friends, and hopes for something more.

Jonas might think himself a spoiled frat boy, but it is clear from the start that he is in fact very self-conscious and insecure. He is sweet and confused and has no idea what to do with himself.


These guys start a friendship, but that develops into something more rather quick, because even though Jonas tries to tell Tate he isn’t gay, it is clear Jonas is indeed attracted to Tate. But Tate doesn’t want to hide what they have and Jonas is not ready to come out to everyone.

When these guys met I loved how snarky they were with each other. Jonas was pretty rude, but that didn’t deter Tate in the slightest. And of course Tate saw right through Jonas’ attitude.

I loved how there was almost no relationship angst in this. These boys talked and if one of them felt insecure about something, they told the other. Jonas being in the closer could have been a big issue between them, but I was happy to see it wasn’t. They talk about it like grownups. Oh, how I love that in my books.

There was some lovely hurt/comfort going on in this. Jonas just needs all the love, poor boy.


I really enjoyed this. So if you're looking for a sweet and sexy read, this is it. Lots of sweet loving in this one!