Strong Signal (Cyberlove Book 1)

Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell 4.25 stars

BR with Els

I’ve been in a massive book slump lately. I’ve DNF-ed so many books the last few weeks, it’s not even funny.

But then came this book! And I loved it! I was afraid it would be angsty, since I know Santino Hassell writes ANGST instead of angst. But this book toed the perfect line between sugary sweet and angsty. It was just so good.


Kai is a professional gamer. He lives off of the donations and subscribers to his Twitch channel. Because he makes a good living out of this, he doesn’t even have to leave his apartment. Which he doesn’t, since he has social anxiety.

Garrett is deployed in Afghanistan and kills the time playing games on his laptop. That’s how he meets Kai.

The guys go from chatting, to cybersexing. Those videos were hot!


But there is still the thing of Kai’s anxiety. And when Garrett wants to visit him when he goes home, Kai panics.

I was wondering how long it would take for them to finally meet, but if you’re curious about that, it’s about halfway through the book.
The rest of the book is hot sex, more development of the relationship, and them dealing with Kai’s social anxiety.

There is no real relationship angst, even though not everything goes smoothly. The guys have one fight and I loved how they immediately apologize. That’s it guys, talk about it!


I also loved how real it felt that Garrett was worried about being unemployed. Not everything is solved simply because he wants it to. And sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

Everything worked out nicely in the end. We got a lovely HEA.