Where The Lovelight Gleams

Where The Lovelight Gleams - Keira Andrews A friends-to-lovers story, how I love that!

Ryan and Cary are both actors in the same show. Ryan is openly gay, Cary is straight.

When Ryan invites Cary over to spend Christmas with his family he doesn’t expect Cary to actually accept. Ryan has been in love with Cary for some time now, but because Cary is straight he knows it won’t lead to anything.


Of course the two get even closer over the holidays and when there is a kiss in the snow, Ryan suspects Cary is not as straight as he thought.


This had a very nice family feeling. I loved Ryan’s family. The supposedly ‘funny’ moments with family members often feel forced in books. Not in this one. It felt real and I really liked spending time with them.

I want to spend my Christmas at Ryan’s family’s cabin too.