Saving Kane

Saving Kane - Michele M. Rakes I really really love hurt/comfort. But this was like hurt/comfort on crack.


Kane has been raped, almost beaten to death, and left naked on his doorstep. Garrett is the paramedic responding to the call. When Kane is recovering in the hospital, Garrett can’t seem to stay away. The two form a friendship and Garrett does everything in his power to protect Kane even though he has always thought himself to be straight.

There were just too many things going on in this story. I wish the author just picked one and really got into that, not tried to mush everything together to this jumbled mess.

The things that REALLY bothered me:

- Garrett’s PTSD, it was just too much. And the fact he didn’t seek help for this serious problem kept bothering me throughout the book. I’m not sure why it was even necessary for Garrett to have these traumas. I think what was happening to Kane was enough for this story.
- The lack of relationship development between Garrett and Kane (one page Kane thinks he could love Garrett and literally the next page Garrett is talking about marriage).
- The fact that Garrett begs his fiancée to please take him back at 60%. He even grabs her and forces her to kiss him.
- The first time Kane and Garrett have sex, Kane actually tears. I’m sorry, bleeding during sex is NOT sexy! Garrett doesn’t even notice and Kane doesn’t care. (Kane wasn’t completely healed from the rape)
- Very very unbelievable police work. The cop, whose husband was murdered by the serial killer, is allowed to work this case?
That same cop drags Kane to an abandoned warehouse to catch the killer without backup whatsoever?
- Was it really necessary for Kane, who still wasn’t healed (he had a trach tube, couldn’t eat, his jaw was wired shut because it was broken, he had scars all over his face) to witness his friend getting raped and then choked to death at 80% of the book? We even got the details.


It was just all too much of the hurt and not enough comfort. I really wanted Kane and Garrett to have this beautiful relationship, but it was just too underdeveloped for me.

I cannot give this more than 2 stars.