Fire Up My Heart

Fire Up My Heart - Asta Idonea BR with Elsbeth

“I may not draw breath as you do, my outer shell may not grow and change as yours does, but I am alive, Fane. I fear, I hurt, I love, and I desire. You are I are not so different. Not in the things that matter.”

What a cute story about Fane and his bot Jo-E.

Fane finds a discarded robot in the trash one day. He cannot believe his luck, because this bot can do his housekeeping for him! But it’s clear Jo-E is more than just another human looking robot. Jo–E has emotions..

The writing in this was really good. Not a lot of writers have the talent to build an entire futuristic world and give us a romance in 76 pages. Yes, it was a bit short and the romance was not extremely developed, but it was cute nonetheless.

And Jo-E was simply adorable. I want a Jo-E of my own.