Gives Light (Gives Light Series)

Gives Light - Rose Christo BR with my girl, Sonia.

3.5 stars

Well, this was…. nice. I enjoyed reading this, even though I did have some issues with it, but I will get to that later. Let me start with all the things I did like.

I loved the connection between Skylar and Rafael. I loved how Rafael always understood the mute Skylar. These boys were so cute together. And the people on the reservation were great! From the sweet best friend, Annie, to the stern, but loving gran.

"Is that a tattoo?"
I nodded.
"Did the Gives Light boy put that on you?"
I nodded again.
Granny considered the atlas moth in thoughtful silence. Finally, she returned the nod, stiffly, and shuffled off to her room.
"Tell him I want a yellow rose."

"You could do worse," Granny said, "but don't kiss him on my front porch, for heavens' sakes. It's unseemly."

But there were times where I felt as if nothing was happening. I felt myself nodding off..


And even though this is YA and I was fully embracing the no sex in this book… I felt it was a bit unrealistic. There is only very chaste kissing. I can understand that for some time, but hello, these guys are 16 years old! They should be ruled by their dicks.


Or at least think about sex or wanting to touch the person you’re in love with. But nope, nothing at all…. No wandering hands, no touching, no exploring of…. anything.


It’s really not the lack of sex that bothers me. I just felt that we didn’t get enough of Skylar’s thoughts or get to read about his deeper feelings. His emotions were a little flat to me.

Still, Skylar and Rafael were very sweet together and I did enjoy reading about them. But I don’t think I will read the other books.