#SurpriseKnot - KaliopeShipsIt Stiles wants Derek to indulge in a knotting fantasy of his.

“So let me get this straight, oh beloved boyfriend of mine”, he said slowly, dragging the word beloved to the point where it just sounded cynical to Stiles’ ears.
“Your unhealthy obsession with Alpha/Omega fan fiction and self-lubrication has led you to believe that the base of my penis turns into a knot, which I can use to breed your digestive tract full of cubs, and you want me to do a running-commentary about my breeder-prowess while I am mounting you with said enormous knot?”

Well, surprise surprise, Derek actually does have a knot!
Stiles thinks he is pregnant after that.

Deaton walked over to Scott and gently nudged his upper arm, waving his phone at him with an amused look on his face. “For the record, Scott, a text that says “Stiles, hospital, ass-babies, help” is more confusing than helpful, to be honest.”

This was hilarious. Totally awesome.