Red River (Pack Collection Book 2)

Red River (Pack Collection Book 2) - Cardeno C. BR with Els

Juts a warning: this is an mpreg book. Not something you would expect in your average Cardeno C. book.

I’ve read a lot of mpreg and I love it most of the time. This was not one of those times. I’m sorry, but Cardeno C does not know how to write good mpreg. This was weird and just freaky.

” You’re not only an Alpha but you’re also a Psi. Your birthing skin absorbs my seed so a pup can grow inside you and then, when it’s time, that same skin becomes translucent enough for the pup to come out.”


Give me ass-babies any day. Or come on, a C-section. And what the heck happened with the old-fashioned way of impregnating someone? Your birthing skin (scarlike skin on his stomach) absorbs my seed???


Well, apparently you can.

There was also a complete lack of communication between Jobe and Wesley. Jobe just assumed Wesley knew about everything. I really felt for Wes with the way he suffered in his old pack. Jobe could have prevented that.

It wasn’t all bad, I did enjoy it when these guys finally got their act together. But it’s not a book I will be re-reading.

I feel sad that this is how Els got introduced to the mpreg genre because there are books out there that are so much better..