Spirit - John Inman BR with Elsbeth and Mel.

A great ghost story with lots of romance and funny moments!
There were some things that really bothered me throughout this book, but I was still laughing my socks off most of the time. So 4 well-earned stars it will be.

We have a haunted house.

We have Jason, with his dog Thumper.

We have Jason’s nephew Timmy (son of Jason’s sister).

And then we have Timmy’s other uncle, Sam (brother of Timmy’s father).

And let’s not forget: the ghost.

The good parts.

- Jason. Oh yes, Jason. He was incredibly funny, lots of sarcasm and witty comments. And I loved his absolutely positive view on everything. He was hilarious.
- The (not too creepy) creepfactor. I really like ghost stories, but I also know that if it is too creepy I won’t be able to sleep. So I was hoping this book wouldn’t scare me too much. And it didn’t. Jason was too funny and not that scared of all the strange things happening. So I was okay with it too.
- Sam. He was sweet. I liked how he was so open about his love for Jason.
- The smexy times. Oh yes, these were good.


The not so good parts

- Timmy. He was way too mature for his age. He said things a 4 year old would never say. I hate it when kids in stories are not authentic. He was cute at times, so not all of it was bad, but it still bothered me.
“Does your mother make you wear a straightjacket at home?”
“Only when we’ve got company.”

- The hair…. I have noticed that whenever a book is written by a man, it sometimes concentrates a bit too much on body hair. As was the case in this one. Jason lusts after Sam’s hair just above his ass crack, he lusts after his hairy armpits, he lusts after all parts with hair, legs, chest, ass, arms… he just wants the hair! I’m guessing any part of Sam’s body involving hair would have been good for Jason.

His legs were coated with the same brushing of fine dark hair that covered his arms. His chest was smooth but for a small patch of chest hair smack between his luscious brown nipples.

He strode toward the door, his lean, strong back straightening as he walked away, the boxer shorts hanging low, exposing a patch of dark hair just above the crack of his ass.

And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t much mind it either because it gave me a glorious view of his fuzzy armpits and luscious biceps.
I love fuzzy armpits and luscious biceps.

So this was a good read. Not perfect, but I give it 4 stars for the smexy times, Thumper, the dog, and the entertainment value.