Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I really really really do not understand all the 5 star ratings for this book. I couldn't even finish it. It was sooooo boring. I don't feel anything at all about Tessa. She is just so plain boring. Does she even have strong feelings? This was also my experience with Clockwork Angel, but I thought I give this one a shot, because I absolutely love the Mortal Instruments Series.

The only person I like in these books is Will. But altough I really did like him, every scene with him is overly dramatic and saaaad. I like a tortured hero, but come on, this was just too much.

An what can I say about Jem. I thought there was absolutely no dept in his character. He just is.

I know why I like some books more than others and it is not the story being told. It has to do with the characters in it. If I bond with them, I don't care what they do in a book. They could be looking at cow droppings for all I care. That would keep my interest if I really like the persons in a book. But that was sooo not the case with this series.

I know I am alone in my opinion here, and that is almost never the case, so I am very surprised by it. I won't be reading the next book in this series, but I will be reading the next book of the Mortal Instruments. :)