Being True

Being True - Jacob Z. Flores 3.5 stars

Tru is being bullied at school. His mom moved him to a new school to get away from it. But it looks like he will just be bullied some more.

That is until he meets Javi. Popular and kind Javi. The two become best friends in no time and Tru cannot help himself, he falls deeply in love with his friend. Of course Javi isn’t gay, right?


Try and Javi were great. I loved how their friendship developed and I loved it when they became more than friends.

What I truly hated about this book were the parents. Tru’s mom and Javi’s mom and dad. I can do bad parents in a book, but they were supposed to be the loving wonderful parents that accepted these boys. But they forbade them to come out at school as a couple.

“We aren’t asking you to do anything. We’re telling you, as our boys, that you will not reveal your relationship to anyone else.”

‘To protect them’. Right.. protection my ass. I cannot believe these parents would teach their boys that it is okay to hide who you are. Just so you don’t get beat up. And I had a feeling the author agreed with them.

And even though Tru’s mom was great at times, I hated her rules.

Gay or straight, the same rules apply. I’m your mother, and I don’t want you to have sex before you’re out of high school, much less before you turn eighteen. You’re not mature enough to handle such an intimate physical commitment as that, and I’m certainly not going to provide the bedroom for your first time.


What is this, the Victorian era?

And again, with the way Tru just accepted this, I had a feeling the author totally agreed with this line of thinking.

But even though these things really infuriated me, I did enjoy it. It was a sweet story and oh yeah, we get the HOT sex at the end. Very important.