Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight - Cardeno C. This started out very strange with the way Jonathan got to be a father. His best friend wanted to make her boyfriend jealous and had sex with Jonathan while he didn’t really consent. In my book that is rape, but it’s totally glossed over. Jonathan didn’t even get mad at her.

I was all for the love at first sight angle of this book. Some think it’s stalking, with the way Jonathan tried to find the man he saw once, but felt was his soulmate. But I actually thought it pretty romantic.

Once Jonathan and David meet it’s all fuck me, tiger, clenching chutes and hungry holes. It didn’t really bother me. I’ve read worse.


What did bother me was the storyline of shy Jonathan having been a porn star. He never even kissed a man before he met David or received a blow job. Must have been some pretty bad porn then.


Other than this there were a lot of I love yous, massive amounts of sex (too much), but also some cute moments with Sam, Jonathan’s son.

Not one of Cardeno C’s best books, but still a pretty cute, low angst story.