Places in Time

Places in Time - Cardeno C. Gifted by my lovely friend Belen

I loved this!

This is a short story about Ethan. Oblivious Ethan.

Ethan is a famous actor who is unsatisfied with his life. His relationships end before they get serious and the only time he feels happy is when he is with his best friend, Jude.

Ethan is driving his car to Jude’s house when he almost hits a woman in the middle of the road. This woman tells him to buckle up because they are going to make a trip to the past.


This woman, called Ginger by Ethan because of her red hair, takes him to several places in time. Every time and place they visit has to do with Ethan’s friendship with Jude.

By the end of the trip Ethan realizes something about his best friend and he can’t wait to get home to him.

This was incredibly sweet, very romantic and I loved the hell out of it.