More Than Everything

More Than Everything - Cardeno C. 2.5 stars

If you’ve read the blurb you know when you start this book there will be 2 break ups. I don’t do break ups well. They weren’t overly angsty, but my heart still broke each time.


Most of this book is told by Charlie. I loved Charlie. He was sweet, he was so full of life and he loved with his whole being.

The first 40% consists of Charlie and Scott falling in love at 16. They are together until Scott moves away when they’re about 20.
I loved the relationship between Charlie and Scott. They were so in love. I loved them together.

I did have a major problem with the fact that these two never had penetrative sex because ‘they were so young’. No I don’t buy that. You have been together for 4 years, you’re young and you’re horny. So no, that was really unrealistic.


And I really didn’t get that Scott would simply move away to leave Charlie behind. It was very out of character for Scott.

When Charlie meets Adan I was still mourning for Scott. And yes, Adan was an asshole, but that wasn’t my main problem with him. I just felt Charlie and Scott should have been together.

When Adan and Charlie broke up I was relieved. But when the three of them meet again years later I REALLY didn’t buy the fact that Scott and Adan were in a loving relationship for the past 5 years.


They just didn’t fit. I never saw the love they had for each other.

I did like the fact that they both wanted Charlie so bad. But I secretly still wanted Scott and Charlie to make a run for it together…

A book with good parts and bad parts, but overall it left me feeling empty and a bit sad, despite the HEA.