Needing to Breathe

Needing to Breathe - B.A. Tortuga 3.5 stars

This was a lot like [b:Wolf Run|22404441|Wolf Run|B.A. Tortuga||41830075]. And I was hoping it would be, since I loved that one. I can’t seem to get enough of a big strong man taking care of two other men who need him.


Wolf shifters Gus and Jock have been run out of their pack so they’re living in the woods. They have almost no food and are trying everything in their power to survive, but at least they have each other.

When they come across 3 young wolves, they take them with them to their camp, because they feel someone should look after them. They share their food and their warmth with the young wolves.

That is how park rancher Archer finds them. He immediately sees the need in the two young shifters, but Gus is defending his territory. Archer invites them to his cabin, so that they can at least have a shower.

After a shower, lots of food and some rest it is clear to Archer he has to be the one to initiate things between the three of them. Especially since he knows Gus and Jock want him too, but Gus feels they shouldn’t.

Great sex, sweet moments, cute baby wolves. Yes, I loved this!