Cowboy Seduction

Cowboy Seduction - Lynn Hagen 3.5 stars

The best one of this series. And finally, no pregnant men!

What bugged me most about this series is not the fact that men can get pregnant, but that every couple NEEDS to get pregnant in every book. What about taking it slow? Why not wait ‘til you at least get to know each other better.

This book was way way better than the rest. Because the whole pregnancy thing was left out, we finally got some more time for character development. Not a lot, but still, more than in the other books.

Taylor used to be in a bad BDSM relationship with a bear shifter. When he meets Sam he is drawn to him, but also very hesitant to love again.

These two have to overcome some issues, like when Taylor finds out Sam is a bear shifter. But because these books are happy sappy, everything is resolved rather quickly. These books take the meaning low angst to a whole different level.


I don’t think you can read this as a stand-alone. I would at least read the first in the series.