Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist (gay erotic New Adult jock/goth romance)

Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist (gay erotic New Adult jock/goth romance) - K.A. Merikan BR with my lady Elsbeth

This was absolutely not what I expected.

I was expecting a high school romance with some twists and turns. Because the main issue is not addressed in the blurb at all. I was so surprised after reading the first chapter! And here I thought I would find the whole taxidermy thing weird, but that was actually pretty cool, didn’t feel weird at all. Or perhaps that was because I was expecting it.


---Spoilers ahead---

What I did not expect was for this book to start with Robert and Ethan at a party, where Robert and his jock friends are chasing Ethan through the woods. Ethan, who has always stood out, because he is just different from anyone else. Pair his awkward social skills with his love for taxidermy and you have one unpopular guy.

After Robert catches Ethan, Robert is under the impression they are just kidding around. He did not expect it when he gives Ethan a push that a branch pierces his entire skull, right through his eye! I was so shocked.


Robert does not leave Ethan’s side in the hospital while Ethan is unconscious for the next two weeks. But when he does come to, he is not too happy to see Robert. And because Ethan had a crush on Robert for a long time, he knows just how Robert can repay Ethan. He wants Robert to give him a weekly blowjob. Yes, that’s right. Nothing like a few blowjobs to get over the whole I lost an eye thing.


What Ethan doesn’t know is that Robert is gay too and that he actually likes Ethan.

After the first horrible blow job which leaves both of them emotionally raw, things do seem to work out.

I had to say, after the rocky start, I really enjoyed it! What Robert did to Ethan was bad, even though it was an accident. What Ethan did was worse in my eyes, but I must admit, they both redeemed themselves.

And the weird arrangement between them did not last too long. Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, Robert came clean and all was lovey dovey between them after that. I liked it that this was around halfway through the story. The rest concentrates on several outside forces that make it difficult for them to fully be happy. But they were happy with each other. And the sex was pretty hot!


I did think that Ethan got over the losing an eye part rather quickly. It wasn’t really a problem in the story. He went to school after the accident like nothing happened. It was a bit strange.

Still, a very enjoyable read.