A Solitary Man

A Solitary Man - Aisling Mancy, Shira Anthony BR with Els, Wendy and Karlijn

DNF at 65%

Can’t say I didn’t try with this one. I read 200 pages of this awful puppy before I decided to give up.

Why I gave up:

- The writing was way too wordy. I had a hard time understanding who was doing what. Not a good thing in a book.


- There was no romance. These guys have a one night stand at the beginning of this book but after that they don’t do anything. It was boring as hell….


- Besides the fact that there was no romance, there was also no UST. UST is such a beautiful thing…. And there was opportunity enough here, but nope… no UST.


- The case was about 11 year old boys being kidnapped, raped and then sold. It was horrible. But instead of an exciting case, we got nothing. They didn’t seem to make any progress at all.


- Evan was an ass. I have no idea what to like about him. He follows the orders of the DA, even though he doesn’t agree and they’re ridiculous. He was supposed to be traumatized by an event in his past, but he was too busy hiding in who he was in his adult life, it looked like he had no personality at all.

Overall, this was not enjoyable at all.
Thanks for the BR girls!