Sarge - Bey Deckard I have read my fair share of BDSM books. And what is always important to me is that being a dominant or submissive does not mean you can either acts like an asshole or never stand up for yourself.

And in this one the Sarge really got on my nerves. He was kind of an asshole. He meant well, but things like this do not sit well with me:

Something about Murphy ’s touch is too possessive, too confident. He’s taking liberties with me, assuming I want his help, and it makes me tense, so I shove his hand away.

Being a Dom does not mean you can do whatever you want with your sub’s body. But this is how it is in this book. Sarge does care about Murphy, but he not a very kind person. He gets mad at Murphy for almost dying in the field. He punishes him when Murphy has a wet dream and comes in his sleep. These sort of things made me want to throttle him.


The writing was very good, but the story never did anything for me.
It also ends with Murphy being seriously hurt on the field. We don’t know if he will survive..

It was a strange book. I didn’t like it.