Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand - Ellis Carrington Well, this was bad.

Gabe meets Lincoln when he steps out of bar, drunk. Lincoln offers him a ride. (Hellooooo, he could be an ax murderer, you stupid man!)


They hit it off (if you could call the weird seduction scene that) and have sex (well, frottage). They somehow end up spending 3 days together.

This could have been a sweet book where a one night stand turns into something more. But the writing felt off and the ‘connection’ the author wanted there to be between Gabe and Lincoln simply wasn’t there.


Sometimes you read a book where the author just has this talent to write beautiful dialogue. Well, you won't find it here. Authentic, interesting dialogue is hard to write. But it's such an important part of believing in a romance for me. And because the dialogue here felt stilted, weird and just plain wrong, I pretty much disliked the entire book.

Don’t get me wrong, the premise was great, but the execution was not.

And what was it with working up to a big sex scene (they had no condoms at first so only hand jobs and frottage) and then skipping it??