Resist: Gavin

Resist: Gavin - Heather  C. Leigh Think: The Bodyguard but with gay sex.

Mitch: I’m NOT gay! Even though I can’t get it up for women and find men attractive. I’m somewhere in my thirties, but I refuse to admit I am gay!

Gavin: When I don’t feel comfortable I act like a child. When I do feel comfortable I am still somewhat of an asshole.

Mitch: I can’t be gay, I need to push Gavin away.

Gavin: Mitch is so hot, I can’t think and must act like a child again.

Mitch: Gavin is so hot, we need to have hot gay sex while I’m on the clock and trying to protect him. It’s totally fine to screw your client while you’re trying to protect him.

Gavin: I bet Mitch is sorry anything happened, before he can hurt me, I must hurt him!