Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price BR with my bestie Elsbeth, who decided to refrain from reading this after my updates. Still had a blast venting to you, honey!

I should really stop doing this. Stop reading books that don’t appeal to me at all just because my friends are very enthusiastic about it.

This is such a book for me. Great writing and excellent storyline. Just not for me.

I need some sweetness and cuddles in my books. And even though I love reading about bad boys, these guys really rubbed me the wrong way.

Desmond drinks at least a bottle of vodka every. single. day. Can we all say alcoholic??


And Corey… I so wanted to kick his ass.

“You don’t see me working some bullshit job, do you?”
“I thought you got some kind of settlement.”
“Not nearly as much as you’d think, not a hand’s worth, if you know what I mean.” I did. “You need to get some more diagnoses,” he said. “Depression’s a good one. Hint that you w ant to kill yourself when you see the shrink, that’ll usually do it. There’s other stuff you can do too—phantom pain, trouble sleeping, anxiety…you get the idea.”


Sooooo……….. let’s just say, I should have stayed far away from this book.