Meridian - Kirby Crow BR with Elsbeth.

DNF at 50%

Everyone seems to love this book and I’m absolutely flummoxed as to why.


There is nothing that appeals to me after reading half of this book. I have a problem with practically everyone and everything.

Let me try to sum it up.

This book is only 164 pages, but it has a lot going on. So I get why an author decides to cram everything into this book, but all I felt was like this book was on speed.

I constantly felt I was missing a prequel. You fall into the story without much explanation. You do learn a thing or two along the way, but it made me feel as if I skipped a part.

People were introduced left and right and I felt as if should know them, but I didn’t. I felt like they were there for the sake of having some side characters.

I thought this would be about Grant, who would be taking traumatized FBI consultant Matty out on his boat and helping him deal with trauma. And I was still waiting for them to get on the damn boat, but all they did was hang out at the diner and peel potatoes.

I kept waiting for the real story to start when all of a sudden Grant declares to his uncle that he is falling hard for Matty. Euhhh….. what?? You guys just met!


I was also really surprised about Grant’s sister. She wants to seduce Matty and no one seems to think this is a good idea, but instead of yelling to her: HE IS GAY!! everyone tells her it’s not fair to her brother. And since Matty is kind of famous and on the news for sleeping with a known criminal, it’s not like she couldn’t have known Matty was gay. No one can be that dense, can they?


Oh, and if Matty’s healing, the treath to his life, and the blossoming relationship between Grant and Matty isn’t enough, there is also the promise of BDSM. I don’t know if there will be a lot of BDSM scenes in the second half, but to me, this was overkill.

Yeah, I’m done.
I feel sad, because I really wanted to like this.