We Found Love

We Found Love - Kade Boehme, Allison Cassatta BR with Elsbeth, who stayed up ‘til 3 am to finish this book!
Elsbeth’s review

What a beautiful book. I love love loved it.

This is a story of two broken people who are drawn to each other from the start. I love books where there is this instant connection that grows into something more. Hunter and Riley have known it from the day they met, what they have is something special.


At first I was kind of afraid about a ‘healthy’ romance between two men who met while in a mental institution. Because you can only love someone with your whole heart if you love yourself as well..

But the writers did a great job with this one! It felt real without there being unnecessary angst and too much problems along the way. Yes, these men have severe issues, but they were (eventually) willing to do something about it.

And the stolen moments between them.. So so beautiful.

He kissed Riley. He had to. He didn’t even patiently probe, just pressed their lips together before sliding his tongue into Riley’s mouth. Riley whimpered, insinuating himself between Hunter’s open legs, and melted against him. The kiss didn’ t last very long, but they drank from each other as deeply as they could. When they parted, their breathing was heavy and they wore twin grins. “Me too,” Riley said, voice husky. “Missed it too.”

These men were adorable together.


They would do anything for one another. Even if that meant taking care of yourself first. Getting better so you can offer yourself to another person.

God, I loved this one.