Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons Book 1)

Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons Book 1) - Kim Dare 3rd re-read Februari 12 2016
God, I love this book.

Look at that cover. It’s so beautiful...


An Excellent BDSM story. With werewolves!


Werewolves are no secret in this society. But people do consider them less than human. They get paid half of what a human gets paid, they have to pay twice the rent and people treat them badly all the time.

Bayden has been taught his whole life never to trust a human. He and his werewolf family have been suffering under the anti-pack laws for years. Bayden is now 23, but on his own since he was 21 because the law forbids him to live with other wolves.

Bayden has been mistreated his whole life. So he makes a living the only way he knows how, by fighting (and winning money) and by whoring himself out to the highest bidder.

When he meets the human Axel, his wolf instinctively knows Axel is more dominant than he is. Axel is the owner of the biker and leather bar the Dragon's Lair. He is also a Dom. And when he sees Bayden, he knows he must take care of this boy who doesn’t seem to care about his own safety…..

This book is long. And I loved it. There was so much to keep my attention. The developing relationship between Axel and Bayden, the way everyone was treating Bayden, and let’s not forget the HOT BDSM SEX SCENES of course.


My heart broke for both Bayden and Axel when Bayden did all those scenes in front of Axel with other men (never enjoying them) and Axel didn’t understand why. Bayden needed the money to support his mother and sick grandfather, but Axel thought Bayden was just being stubborn and not yet willing to submit to him (once they get physically involved Bayden never lets another man touch him).

My one complaint was that Bayden was so used to be treated badly that even at the end of the book he had trouble accepting he was worthy of love. He made a lot of stupid mistakes that got him hurt. Still, he stole my heart and I was glad he found love.


Such an amazing BDSM shifter book.