Only Love

Only Love - Garrett Leigh 2,5 stars

This book started really strong for me. I loved the slow burning romance. No insta-lust or love for these guys.

But just when I wanted something to happen, the author kept doing a thing I do not appreciate in my books!
She started skipping important parts. I don’t mind if a chapter ends in a cliffhanger, but I need the situation to continue in the next chapter. But she didn’t do this. All of a sudden, days had past.. I was not happy.


For example:

Their first kiss. Right when this happens, it ends. And then all of a sudden 3 days had past. Wait… what… why can’t I read about their kiss? They just started it. I want to know what happened next! I don’t want to be told how they felt looking back. I want to be there for the actual feeling-overload event! The good and the bad, I just want to feel it.


This happened several times after this. Jed and Max would be in the middle of an argument, the chapter ends and then a week had past in the next chapter. Noooooo.


I wanted to see how these men react when they are giving each other the cold shoulder! I wanted to be there.

Because of this, I felt totally disconnected from the characters somewhere around 50%. I couldn’t care less what happened to them because I could only be there for some parts. I wasn’t a part of the important stuff.


Even the sex scenes were barely there. No extensive descriptions… It kind of just happens.

I consider writing a great sex scene an art in itself. And some authors just cannot see how important this can be in a book. I don’t need sex in all of my books, really. If I feel the love and connection between two people, I am fine with the lack of sex. But most of the time I need it to feel more attached to the characters. I need to feel the love. And what better way than exploring each other’s body in a slow and sensual way to experience this..

It is not a bad story, it was just the execution that could have been better IMHO…