Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye 4.5 stars

Renae Kaye sure knows how to write likable characters.
I postponed this a million times because of the butt ugly cover. I can’t help it, I had this image in my mind of how Jay’s character would be and it wasn’t nice.

But I adoooooored Jay. He was so sweet. Yes, a drama queen, but a very cute drama queen. And Liam, I loved his snarky comments. His inner thoughts about him being gay, hilarious!


“Let me get this straight. You were talking to a gorgeous blonde woman in a tight red skirt and heels, with a chest that has Playboy ringing her once a month for an interview, who was smiling and flirting with you like crazy and all you noticed was that she looked cold and her lipstick was bright?” Oh. Whoops. We were talking about breasts. Straight men usually notice breasts, don’t they? Shit! “Ahh….”

What I liked most about this one was how it dealt with Liam finding out he is indeed gay. It is a big deal and he knows that, but he also knows he cannot live his life by what other want from him. He knows he will be targeted for being gay and he cares, he just wants Jay more.

An incredible feel-good book. One that I will be rereading.