Cowboy Rowdy

Cowboy Rowdy - Lynn Hagen 2.5 stars

I have a problem! I cannot get enough of these mpreg stories. Why why why???? It’s like crack.


Right. Not that. My addiction doesn’t sound too bad after that gif. It puts everything back in perspective.

This book was nice, but not as fluffy as the rest in this series.
I have a feeling that the author was trying to compensate all the fluffiness by writing this book, filled with angst.


Rowdy is pushing Cameron away because he was hurt in the past, blahblahblah. We all know this formula.

And because Cameron was not a doormat, these guys fought a lot. Of course in the end, we get a pregnant man. Yes, again.

And then, flowers and rainbows.


Nice, but not the best in the series. But at least the cover is pretty.