Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat

Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat - Susan Laine I really wanted to like this. I loved the first book about a wolf and a bunny shifter so I thought this would be a slam dunk.
But nope….


This time the romance is between a wolf and a golden cat shifter. Unfortunately what the writer tried to do was make this a romance between a cat and a dog, which it wasn’t.

These two meet, they like each other but all of a sudden start fighting. That fight made no sense whatsoever. Its sole purpose was to be able to use all the terrible puns about fighting as cats and dogs. It was so weird.


Donovan and Aran fight, have sex and then there is some sort of stalker thing going on with Aran and the end of the story consists of someone trying to hurt him.

Oh, this is the insta-est of insta-loves out there. Not that this is a bad thing, but here it was.

It was all terrible.