Cowboy Stripper

Cowboy Stripper - Lynn Hagen Wilbur was hilarious! I loved him to death.
The story itself in this book was a bit mediocre, but Wilbur saved it.

Stripper and his team accidentally think Wilbur is the criminal they’re after and kidnap him.

Wilbur rapidly shook his head. “But I don’t want to go in there. Can’t you interrogate me on the front porch with some lemonade?"

Of course they find out that Wilbur is not a criminal and actually Stripper’s mate. Wilbur is shocked to find out Stripper is a bear, although he took it rather well.

“But I’m not a very good pet parent.”

He just has a way with words.

“I actually give lots of fucks. Tons of fucks. I’m a prostitute of feelings.”

Even during sex.

Mine!” Stripper snarled the word as he fucked Wilbur even faster. “Who does this body belonged to? Whose ass is this?”
“Mine,” Wilbur cried out.
Stripper faltered and then a wickedly sinful smile appeared on his face. “Cognitive thoughts aren’t your specialty during sex, are they?”

And finally, we get a C-section. No ass baby this time.