After School Activities

After School Activities - Dirk Hunter BR with Elsbeth.

3.5 stars

What can I say, this was YA, with sex! It was different and I liked it.

Dylan is 17 years old and the only openly gay kid at school. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. Especially from his nemesis, Adam. They have been insulting each other since kindergarten. And Dylan actually enjoys it.

He notices that Adam has been acting weird lately and he finds out he cares. He even offers to listen to Adam if he needs it and to Dylan’s surprise Adam takes him up on it. That is how their weird friendship starts.

But Dylan also has other things going on. Like his straight best friend suddenly wanting to have sex with him. And yes, he really is straight.


I liked Dylan, had some trouble with Adam, but I especially liked all the side characters. They never felt like side characters. They felt real to me. The 2 best friends, the parents, the cheerleaders, all of them.

I adored Dylan’s parents. I wish mine were like that when I was 17.

Adam rolled under the bed.
“Since when do you lock your door?” my father asked.
“Since I started sleeping naked.”
“Since when do you sleep naked? ”
“Since you started turning the thermostat up to, like, ninety.” Even I was a little impressed with my nonchalance, the ease of my answers.
“Uh-huh. I see.” Was that a smirk on my dad’s face? What did he find so funny? “Well, Mom’s making waffles. Would you like any?”
“ No, thanks. I think I’ m going back to sleep.”
“How about your friend? Would he care for any waffles?”
For a second, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my face. The silence stretched on until finally, in a teeny tiny voice, Adam said, “No, thanks, Mr. O’Connor.”

And the reason the cheerleading squad was so nice to Dylan…. hilarious.


My main problem was Adam. Every time I come across a popular guy who is so deep in the closet he hurts other people I feel the rage coming on.


He hurt Dylan and I didn’t like it. I could understand it, but I still think he was an ass for acting the way he did.

I do have to mention the EPIC ending.

“And you want people to care.”
“Or at least notice!”
“Don’t worry,” I said, “ I got you. Oy,” I called over my shoulder to Tiffany. “Bitch, you did not just ignore me when I’m trying to start some drama.”
“Oh right,” she said. Let me try again.” Adam looked confused “What does she mean—” I interrupted him by grabbing his head with both hands and kissing him. This time, Tiffany’s shrill shriek cut through the lunchroom, disrupting the casual hustle-bustle. “Hands off my man, you slut!”
This time heads turned, and the rapid susurrus of gossip filled the air.

Overall, a very nice YA, with LOTS of sex.