(not so) Pure Imagination (Object and a Dream, #1)

(not so) Pure Imagination (Object and a Dream, #1) - theroguesgambit This was….. AWESOME!!

In this world whenever someone has a Fantasy about someone, the Object feels this Fantasy.

Derek has been the object of several Fantasies for a couple of days now. It is common courtesy to stop Fantasies before they go too far, but this person is not stopping where he would expect.

Derek thinks it is harmless to fantasize about the Dreamer back, since he doesn’t know who he is. But he finds out that the Dreamer feels his Fantasies too. They develop a sort of communication system by fantasizing about each other. It’s like they’re having sex with each other with their minds.

Of course what Derek doesn’t know is that it’s Stiles fantasizing the shit out Derek. Stiles keeps thinking Derek must be aware it’s him, but Derek seems as oblivious as ever…

I REALLY REALLY liked this. This was so incredibly sexy! I loved the fantasies they had about each other. They were scorching!

I would have given this 5 stars, that’s how much I liked, it if it wasn’t for one thing... After all this fantasizing I was eagerly awaiting the real sex between them, but it’s off page!! Why???? :(

Other than that this was an excellent fic!!