How to Wish Upon a Star (Howl at the Moon Book 3)

How to Wish Upon a Star - Eli Easton 3.5 stars

This was really adorable and I loved Milo to death. But there were two things that bothered me. One is that I absolutely disliked Jason. He is described as geeky and awkward, but I just thought him cold and even mean to people at times.

And my biggest problem with this book is that there is almost no romantic development. For two people to fall in love they have to spend time together, get to know one another. But there were so few interactions between Jason and Milo I was surprised something happened between them at all.

Most of this book is about the virus spreading through the quickened population and how to solve this problem. I was really disappointed that Jason and Milo were so busy with this that there was hardly any time for the two of them left.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the storyline about the disease and the dogs they had to find. But I just wanted more Jason and Milo. It all felt so rushed. I was extremely surprised that Jason all of a sudden loved Milo. I felt like I missed something.

Still, it’s fluffy and cute and there are dogs.