Redeeming Rafe (Barretti Security Series, Book 2)

Redeeming Rafe - Sloane Kennedy Thanks for recommending this Wendy!

This was an excellent hurt/comfort book. I didn’t read the first in the series (since it’s M/F) and I was a bit confused at times, but overall I could catch up with what happened.

Rafe is trying to get back at his brothers. His brothers who let him get taken by his biological father when Rafe was 8 years old. Rafe always thought they would be coming for him, but they never did..

Rafe was being pimped out to men by his father as soon as he was in his care. Rafe was only 8 years old then. My heart almost couldn’t take the part where Rafe told his brothers what happened to him.


Rafe tries to destroy the lives of his brothers by hacking their system and finding all the dirt about them. But he didn’t count on Cade, the person responsible for his brothers security.

Cade takes it upon himself to protect Rafe when it is clear someone wants to kill him..

I loved these guys together. They had this connection from the start, which I loved. We got some very steamy sexy times and eventually some sweet loving times.

On to the next book!