Signs - Anna  Martin This is an easy going low-angst story about two 18 year old boys.

Luc and Caleb meet online. Caleb is deaf, Luc is kind of a dramatic emo goth boy, or so he would like to be.

Not much about this story other than the two boys falling in love, having sex, and dealing with Caleb’s deafness. It was sweet. I liked it.


But I have to say, the writing was pretty bad. There was way too much tell and not enough show. There were things mentioned and never followed up on. And with the strange dialogue and unrealistic interactions between people who had just met, it was a confusing package.

I was glad the writing picked up near the end.

It says something about how much I liked Caleb and Luc that I enjoyed this story despite the awful writing.

Don’t expect great prose with this one. But I had a good time anyway.