Finding Forgiveness (Finding Series, Book 4)

Finding Forgiveness (Finding Series, Book 4) - William Sloane Kennedy 3.5 stars

Nice hurt/comfort book. I haven’t read the other books in the series (yet), so this can be read as a stand-alone.

Roman walks into the backroom of a bar to find a group of bikers having sex with a young man. Roman is not so sure it’s consensual since the guy is just staring ahead with a vacant look in his eyes. Roman decides to save the boy and he gets him out of there.

The boy is Hunter, who wanted to punish himself, so he let the bikers use him. He wanted to be punished for being gay, for doing something horrible to Finn, a friend of his. He and Finn were kissing, but when they got caught Hunter told his dad it was all Finn’s fault. That Finn came onto him and that Hunter wasn’t gay. After that some very ugly stuff happened to Finn because Hunter outed him.

Hunter has not been able to forgive himself for doing this 18 months earlier. Also his dad had smacked him around his whole life, so Hunter decided he just can’t be gay. But after meeting Roman, he cannot deny his feelings anymore.

This was kind of insta-lovey. I liked it, but couldn’t get a good feel for Roman. I loved Hunter though. And I felt terrible for what he went through.

Hunter was very inexperienced and had some trouble bottoming after what happened with the bikers. I liked that Roman had no problems letting Hunter top. It was nice to read about the younger, smaller guy topping the big guy.

I’m definitely checking out the others in the series.