Project Shifter: Werewolf V. Stylist (MM MPREG Paranormal Romance)

Project Shifter: Werewolf V. Stylist (MM MPREG Paranormal Romance) - Morgan Kessler We have calling cocks.

With reverence I reached for his swollen cock, which seemed to be calling my name.

The best lube: conditioner! Which had to be grabbed, twice.

Conditioner!” I cried out in triumph, then bounced off the bed and hurried to get the little hotel-sized bottle of conditioner.
As I returned, I twisted off the top and smelled it. No perfumes. Good.
“I don’t understand, why do you need this, lube conditioner?”
“Have you ever been fucked in the ass dry before?”
“No, but, then I’ve never been fucked by a man while in human form, only in my wolf form, and I can assure you no conditioner was used in the process.”
I jumped out of the bed and came back with the small bottle of conditioner. I smelled it, no perfumes—good. It probably wouldn’t burn.

Then we got monster porn when Victor has turned into a wolf monster beast thing.

”Kiss his tree and make it grow, that’s how you cure the Hansabeast.”
His cock popped free and started it a growing.
I knew what I needed to do. I needed to give this monster head.

And to top off all this goody goodness, we get CHEATING! Woohoooooo.

I was trying to put out of my mind what was happening in the room only two doors down the hall, but when the fucking sounds started it was obvious that the walls were thinner downstairs.
“Oh, oh, oh.” the girl screamed as the walls shook. Her ooh’ing and ah’ing, and oh yes’ing went on for far too long. But when I heard Victor’s voice yelling his pleasure at the top of his lungs, I became jealous beyond reason.
So in went the next girl. Her session went a little quicker, but she screamed even louder when it was her turn to come. And she was a foul-mouthed little shifter—the fox shifter. She yelled “Fuck Me Prince,” “Fuck Me Harder, Deeper, Faster” about five hundred times.
“He just called for the last girl,” Hugo said, running in from the hallway. “I just delivered the gypsy.”
He not only fucked her good from the sounds of it, he did it twice.

Such a gem of a book.