Blue Moon

Blue Moon - Alyson Noël I can't even begin to tell how terrible this book is. I couldn't even finish it and I was almost at the end (20 pages or so).
I cannot understand how some people like the love between Damen and Ever. He keeps secrets (always has), treats her ok (not good but ok). And when he lost his memory he treats her like shit, even worse in my opinion. And all is forgiven just because it is all caused by Roman? Right.... Damen went back to the way he should have been if he had not been an immortal. He is a total ******. How can anyone like him (because he is handsome?)? And instead of being a strong girl, Ever is wining all the time.
Some people have compared Ever with Bella, but I really like Bella. Because she has a lot of humor and is just clumsy, but not full of selfpity (Ever is). I thought Bella was very brave when it came to Edward. Ever was just going to give up Damen. Oh please, what kind of true love is that? Your boyfriend treats you like crap and you want to give him up when you get the chance? And he makes out with other girls? I don't want to read that. If I want to read a love story then give me one. When everyone just fades away and only they exsist in their world. And write an exciting story around that to make their love stronger, not tear them apart. That is not fun to read!

How can anyone like this book/love story/couple??

And one thing: there is absolutely no sense of humor in these books, none whatsoever.

If you want to be utterly depressed I recommend these books.