Off Campus (Bend or Break)

Off Campus (Bend or Break) - Amy Jo Cousins BR with Elsbeth, Julie, Marcie, Momo, Paul, Britta, Marte, and Kayl.

---Spoilers ahead---

Where to start, where to start…

The first 70% was so good I would have gladly given it 5 stars, and the last 30% was so terrible I wanted to give it 2 stars.
I REALLY liked the first 70%. And in my head the book ended there.


This is a book about two broken characters.
Tom is all alone. His father is in jail for conning people. Tom is currently homeless and without any money or friends. He is trying to work his ass off driving a cab in the weekends, so he can afford to remain in school. He has been hurt so many times by so called friends, that he has decided never to trust another person.

And we have Reese, Tom’s gay roommate. Reese is not happy when Tom, a jock, moves in. Reese has had some terrible experiences with jocks hurting him, so he wants Tom gone.

Tom finds out Reese is constantly brining home guys. After blowing them, Reese makes them leave. Tom is puzzled by this behavior. There’s nothing in it for Reese, he never lets the guys touch him. But it’s obvious Reese is trying to chase Tom away with this behavior.

It is not long before Reese finds out that blowing guys while Tom is ‘asleep’ is turning Tom on. Perhaps Tom is not as straight as he thought…

This was so HOT:

If Tom held still, breathed evenly, Reese would never know for sure whether or not he’d been awake and watching them.
He opened his eyes.
Reese gaze was locked on Tom.


Tom was so sweet, he had no trouble admitting he was bi and that he was attracted to Reese. He always wanted to protect Reese and not do anything that might startle him. Reese went through something awful and was trying to deal with it every day. Tom was such a sweetheart.

And Reese, he was feisty, I liked him. I could totally understand him when he was done with Tom’s bullshit about coming out at campus.

But then…. major ANGST. The kind that makes my skin crawl. The unnecessary kind… I understand it when someone needs to go through something to become a better person. But if you would just talk to your man about it, you can do it together! And not break up, not see each other for months and after that everything is fine again. No, I don’t get these kind of things. And Tom…. WTF were you thinking acting like that??

I still feel so sad that my amazing book took a turn for the worse. Why?????????


So, a nice read, but a disappointing ending (don’t worry, there is a HEA, I just didn’t buy it anymore).