Disasterology 101

Disasterology 101 - Taylor V. Donovan 2.5 stars

This book was long. And exhausting. The writing was great and I read it in one sitting. But still... exhausting.


This book is about Cedric who deals with severe OCD. He meets Kevin, a 36 year old divorced father. There is instant attraction and the two hit it off. But being with Cedric comes with a manual.

The rest of the book concentrates on all of Cedric’s quirks and how he and Kevin deal with it. I actually quite liked those parts. It was fascinating to read about Cedric and his need to count, to have everything a certain way, his need to clean everything and his aversion to bodily fluids.


But what tired me about this book is that Cedric and Kevin were fighting. All. The. Time. I can understand that it was hard for Kevin to be with Cedric and that Cedric sometimes couldn’t help himself. But these guys really needed to talk more.

I was exhausted after reading about them fight every few pages. The first half at least had the sex. The awkwardness of it didn’t even bother me at all. But the second half has no sex at all and it was a bit boring. And with these guys fighting all the time I was happy when I was done.

Now I need a nap.