Something in the Way He Needs

Something in the Way He Needs - Cardeno C. What happened Cardeno C?? Why would you give an asshole like Asher a HEA?

Asher was controlling, possessive and he was being a dick for most of this book. I was okay with this in the beginning because I was convinced he would redeem himself and be the man Daniel deserved.

But the scene in the BDSM club (which happened in the last 20 pages, why???)??? He gave Daniel away. To two other men. To have sex with him. While Daniel didn’t want this (don’t worry, Daniel doesn’t go through with it).


Oh, and this is so not a BDSM book. It’s mentioned Asher is into that sort of thing, but we don’t get BDSM scenes and I felt it was more an excuse for Asher to be an asshole.

I’m a huge Cardeno C fan, but this book was just awful.