Summer Fever

Summer Fever - T.T. Kove EPIC BR with everyone.
The idea of such a massive BR was great! Too bad the book was baaaad. Next time we’ll just visit Norway, Marte. Then we can at least have a few drinks.

Here is what I’ve learned while reading this book.

Norway is always cold.
Danish people talk like they have a potato stuck in their throat.
You can go home with strangers when they’re hot.
An age difference of 9 years is almost cradle robbing.
You only need antivenom if you’re allergic to snake bites. Otherwise you’ll be fine.
If you can’t pay for the antivenom the doctors will just let you die.
Even though you have just met someone it is okay to share a bed together and fuck like bunnies.
Sex without lube is fine and doesn’t hurt at all.
Mothers are crazy. And they stand by as their son gets attacked.

That was about it. I didn't like the story or the writing and was having trouble staying awake.


The author tried, but failed to produce a decent English book in my opinion. Perhaps she will write better in Norwegian?