Outcast: A gay alpha omega werewolf romance

Outcast: A gay alpha omega werewolf romance - Gem Frost, Meg Harris I actually really liked this.

There is something wrong with Caeden Wolf. He should have shifted into a wolf when he was 18, but now three years later, he still hasn’t shifted.

He runs away from his pack because he feels there is something wrong with him. He also feels the aggression building within him.

His best friend, Jonathan MacArthur, Mac, follows him to the city to bring him back. But Caeden has changed, he enjoys hurting other people and he’s not the same man he was when he left.

But Mac wants his friend back so he tries to convince him to come home with him.

It’s a 55 page book that is obviously part of a series because it ends with a cliffhanger. We get Mac and Caedens meeting in the city in the middle of the night and we get two hot sex scenes, that’s about it. But I thought it was very promising.

I want more.