The Deepest Blue

The Deepest Blue - Christina  Lee This can be read as a stand-alone

This was quite a surprise. There was so much potential for angst in this one and for the first 30% I was convinced the story would go there. But no! This was deliciously angst free!

Dean gets asked by his roommate Cassie to come to her family’s farm with him as a date to her cousin’s wedding. Dean has no problem pretending to be straight for only a short visit and helping Cassie fending of an unwanted admirer.

But the one thing he hadn’t counted on was Cassie attractive brother, Callum. Callum and Dean are attracted to each other from the start, but both try to hide this.

Callum is deeply in the closet because he fears for his family’s business and he doesn’t want to leave his 15 year old brother alone by moving away. So he is extremely on edge when he notices himself falling for the city boy. And his sister’s boyfriend no less!

But of course they cannot stay apart when their chemistry is this explosive..

I loved these guys! At first I was a bit bored and had a feeling this would be all push and pull between them. But no, these guys were incredibly sweet together and I loved how they talked about stuff instead of keeping secrets.

And the sexy times, oh man!! They were explosive together!

So if you’re looking for a low angst, sweet, but sexy story, you should pick this.