Glitterland - Alexis Hall Buddy Read with Marte, Barbara, Elsbeth, Mel and Julie

What a wonderful book! I put off reading this for quite some time due to the ugly ugly cover. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but honestly… just look at it…
But once I got past that, I dived in.

I think it is very hard to write about depression. I have read books that made me depressed just by reading them. But not this one. Even though Ash was seriously depressed, he was very upfront about it. It was what it was, no sugarcoating it, but also no melodrama.


I think Alexis Hall did a terrific job to describe the hopelessness Ash felt. He just didn’t care. About anyone or anything.

Days passed in a grey fog. I was becalmed. Without energy , without hope, with no sight of land. I could remember feeling better but I somehow couldn’t believe in it. There was nothing but this.

But Ash had a dark sense of humor which I loved.

“That tie says one of two things. It either says, ‘I’m a wanker,’ or ‘I’m mentally ill,’ and, though I am both, I have no wish to broadcast it.”

And he was honest to the people surrounding him, no pretending. Yes, I loved Ash, depressed and all.

And of course there was also Darian. The glittering light in Ash’s life. It took me some time to like him. But once I did, I loved him! He was just so wonderfully shiny, just what Ash needed.


I did have some trouble with the accent at times, but I still enjoyed Darian and the easy way he viewed life. I liked how the relationship between Ash and Darian grew, one step at a time. They were sweet together.


A book that deals with depression, but makes you smile.
A book worth reading.