Noah - Cara Dee I didn’t really like this. I was so happy when it was over.

I have to admit, Cara Dee is a very talented author and the writing was great. It was just the story that didn’t do anything for me.

I really liked how Noah and Julian found comfort in each other after losing their family. I loved the first part where they grew closer, and that first sex scene was HOT!

But this book is filled with one of my major pet peeves, time jumps. After the first sex scene we get a 9 month time jump where we’re told both of them have been seeing other people. Oh boy, do I hate it when that happens in a story. I don’t want my guys to sleep with other people once they have been together for the first time.

And then each new chapter starts with: 2 week later… I hated that. I felt so disconnected to the story because of it.

I really wanted to be there when these guys spend time together. Now I felt this book was filled with scenes of friends, the reaction of the remaining family, the stupid movie Noah was directing and other stuff, but not the romance itself.

And the movie…. ugh… I really didn’t want to read the scenes where they were shooting the tragic movie about a woman and her son. That’s the kind of movie I never want to see, so please don’t have me reading about it in a book.

Overall, I can see why people would like this book, but it didn’t do anything for me.