Everything Changes

Everything Changes - Melanie Backe-Hansen This was better than I expected. But I have to admit, I didn’t like the stupid angsty last part.

This is a book that concentrated a lot more on character than it does on plot.

I like those kind of books.

Jase is a singer in a band. He is also a war veteran. He used to be a medic in Afghanistan. He and his best friend Carey met while serving together.


Jase saved Carey’s life when Carey lost his leg during an attack in Afghanistan.

Now Carey is visiting Jase on his break. The two spend a lot of time together and things between them are better than ever. That is why is confuses Carey when he starts to have all these feelings for Jase. Sexual feelings. He knows Jase is bisexual but he has always considered himself straight.

Carey doesn’t know that Jase has been in love with him for years. When Carey no longer wants to fight the attraction Jase is happy to go along with anything Carey has in mind.

The GFY aspect in this story was very well done. No jumping in bed with a man without so much as a bit of inner turmoil in this one! No, Carey has doubts and it takes him a while to get on board with the idea of him and Jase in bed together. And they talk about it, as adults. I loved that.


I also loved the deep friendship between these men. They had been through so much together and they were still dealing with the crap they went through in Afghanistan. Both scarred, inside or out, they needed each other to heal.


My one complaint was the angst near the end. It took too long for Carey to make up his damned mind! It took him months, and I was not okay with that.

But other than that, a very enjoyable story.