The Cop and the Geek

The Cop and the Geek - Cat Blaine This was… not that good.

James meets cop Scott after James was involved in a bar brawl. There is instant attraction (very bad instant attraction I must say) and Scott takes James home.
James has bad experiences with cops and he also said he would never date a guy with a kid. Scott has a 3 year old son. But of course this specific kid is adorable and James is a natural with him.

James goes to dinner at Scott’s, there is instant bonding with the kid, there is some sex, there is a stupid fight and 3 days later they make up.


I’m not sure what bothered me more. The fact that Scott did a background check on James and said it was all to protect his son (can anyone say PRIVACY..). Or the fact that Scott’s sister gets a hold of James’ address when Scott is taking a shower and goes to see James behind Scott’s back to tell him to contact Scott. Because that is what you do when your brother has just met a guy, you go all stalker on his ass.


Euhh… just no…